Men’s Style Is Back To The Classics

Remember the old days when the clothes men wore all looked the same as the clothes other guys were wearing? Some men though, broke those rules. They were actors, musicians or some other celebrities that got away with it. In today’s society men have such a wide variety of choice, that everyone has their own style and wears things in their own way. You could search for one item of clothing like cargo shorts for men and a wide variety of styles would appear! The choices are endless, here are just some examples of looks we love, and any guy can wear these days.



This year suits are looking like throwbacks to bygone classic eras. GQ featured suits shown on celebrities here. For example, you might think that “a checked suit is something only your grandfather would wear.” Actor and comedian Kumail Nanjiani is shown wearing a blue checked wool suit, very classy, with quite narrow legs. He’s also wearing brown shoes with it which seems to be another popular trend right now, even with a tux.

Black suits can seem intimidating. They are just so stark, and can be seen as serious or funereal. Style editor, Mark Anthony Green at GQ says, “Pulling off a black suit is like making perfect scrambled eggs. It’s so damn simple and so essential—and so easy to botch.” So, you might not want to wear a black suit with a white button down shirt and plain tie these days. There are ways to make the black suit look more contemporary. GQ gives examples. You could pick a shirt with something a little different about it like a rounded collar. Draw attention away from the suit itself by wearing jewelry such as a watch, like this one from Jacobs The Jeweller. Shoes with a high polish would move the eye away from the severity of the suit too. As mentioned, brown shoes are one of the hot trends right now so you could try that. Green adds, “Always draw your black-suit inspiration from musicians and artists. Because they’re not acting cool. They actually are.“ But it should fit really well.

The suit is back. But, unlike the rules about suits in the past, you can get more creative with them now. Wearing T-shirts with suits began so long ago that it’s become a classic. Or you could try a polo shirt, or not tuck in whatever shirt you pick. Ties don’t have to be worn with suits anymore, but the ones out there give lots of options.



Almost anything goes. Esquire explained how to do, anything. Because, of course, there’s always a right and wrong way. Skinny, straight, pooled around the ankle, even cropped. One of the trends that may or may not take off is called the “carrot fit.” They are cropped quite a bit, narrow at the ankle and wide from the ankle up, like a carrot! Guys are sometimes trying to show off their shoes, don’t forget to try that. One model was shown wearing slim fit jeans, slightly rolled at the cuff with classic shoes. You don’t have to wear sneakers or other casual shoes with jeans.

The wash too is all over the place and some have a lot of detail in the distress, pockets, metal or belt loops. Steve McQueen’s way of wearing jeans (which is, of course, classic) was described as straight leg, slightly loose in the hip and sometimes rolled up to create a cuff. And if you’re thinking of trying skinny jeans, pick ones that fit close to the body but not tight. The main thing to remember with jeans, or any clothing to pull off the classic trend in men’s fashion, is that they fit you. That’s true for most anything you wear to make it look classic. Jeans will remain a classic though and, if done right, very contemporary.



Sweatshirts are still an acceptable trend in men’s fashion and also a classic. Comfortable and versatile, sweatshirts can be worn with jeans of course, but on the fashionbeans website Paul Newman is shown wearing a sweatshirt with chinos (also back in style) which was something he often wore. Luke Sampson says about this look, “It’s essentially a case of ‘opposites attract’. Chino trousers – while less formal than tailored trousers – have a vague air of formality. Conversely, the sweatshirt lends its wearer an unfussy, relaxed edge.” There are lots of versions and colors of sweatshirts available today too.

Another cool look shown on fashionbeans is wearing dressy “tailored trousers” (maybe the pants from a suit) with a casual but button down shirt. You could unbutton some of the top buttons and roll up the cuffs to make it even more casual for a look that’s comfortable, easy to wear, but shows a lot of class.

T-shirts come in lots of colors, but you can’t go wrong with a great white T-shirt. Even if it has different branding or patterns on, they are still easy to pull off! Have a look at different styles Jasper Holland has to offer. To pull off a classic look wearing T-shirts, try wearing a white one with a leather jacket like Marlon Brando often did. Sampson says, “his now legendary pairing of a black leather biker jacket, a white crew-neck T-shirt and selvedge denim jeans has become the unofficial uniform of cool for multiple generations.” Or pair a white T-shirt with white or light colored jeans as shown on Steve McQueen on fashionbeans. Sampson points out that it can get tricky picking out the right shades to put together. “Typically opting for jeans a shade or two darker than his white tee, McQueen mastered a look that continues to feel fresh year after year.” He also adds that “…there’s the issue of choosing a skin tone-appropriate shade of white (darker cream and stone work best for those with paler complexions, by the way), followed by the small matter of how to match shades.” So, white jeans can work, but light blue jeans would work too. It’s a great summer look.


Have Fun Putting Classics Together

The point is that some styles are so great that they keep coming back. But they seem to get better all the time because now you can pick and choose different classic looks and put them together in slightly different ways. That’s where the fun comes in!