The Best Beard Products for Men in 2021

Beard Products for Men: A man’s beard practically has a life of its own, landing, as it does, front and center on his face, speaking more about his choices than any haircut, pair of glasses, or wardrobe ever could. That’s all the more reason a beard should be cared for fastidiously; carefully shaped and trimmed to meet the desired effect (even if that effect is wild and wooly), and properly cleaned and conditioned so that it’s healthy, comfortable, and great-looking. Here are the products that we feel offer some of the best attributes for the category, from beard oils to beard conditioners.


Best Overall: Olivina Men Organic Shave Prep & Beard Oil

BEST BEARD PRODUCT Olivina Shave Prep & Beard Oil
Genevieve Poblano / The Manual

As anybody with a crowded bathroom knows, products that are “two-fers” (conditioning shampoo or body wash and moisturizer in one) are always a plus to help save space and they’re great for travel. We gave extra points to Olivina for this Shave Prep & Beard Oil because if you have some facial hair but still shave, or alternate between a clean-shaven and a bearded look; this product is perfect. The soothing cedar and bergamot fragrance just part of the product’s blend of organic oils.

Best Growth Oil: Village Barber Beard Growth Oil

In general, we like Village Barber’s beard oils because they have a light consistency that’s easy to work through your beard without feeling like it’s all getting stuck on your hands or in patches of the hair. This special blend of natural ingredients is designed to help guys who are starting their beards by conditioning, nourishing, and hydrating both the skin and the beard hairs.  The clean, bracing scent is also a refreshing way to start the day.


Best Balm: Bevel Beard Balm

Beard Products for Men: This balm helps keep a beard under control while adding moisture and a bit of sheen, all without clogging pores. It’s a clean blend of shea butter and coconut oil that is fragrance-free, with a buttery consistency that warms up easily in the hand for easy topical application.  When in a hurry, this was our go-to product to smooth on after a hot shower, to keep any beard soft and smooth all day.


Best Multipurpose Oil: Biography Few Words Shave Drops

Beard Products for Men: Biography is a complete collection of skincare oils with, admittedly, more of a focus on women’s skincare. Don’t let that scare you off, though: Its Few Words Shave Drops is serious about men’s skin. We like this product because it’s great as a pre-shave oil, but also an excellent conditioning oil for facial hair: perfect if you keep your face trim, but maintain a mustache, or trimmed beard. Natural ingredients like radish, borage, and pumpkin seed oils help smooth a shave, soften the skin and beard, treat irritation and acne, and fight free radical damage. The woody, spicy, and lemongrass fragrance is also light and not overwhelming.

Best for Beard and Hair: Scotch & Porter Beard & Hair Conditioner Spray

Speaking of multi-purpose, Scotch & Porter’s spray packs a one-two punch, light enough to soften your beard without irritation, but will also keep your hair feeling fresh and soft. The product is perfect for when you skip washing either hair or beard and is also a great refresher if you’re switching gears at some point in the day. It includes natural hydrating oils like argan, marula, avocado, coconut, and kukui.


Best for Dry, Itchy Beards: Frederick Benjamin Beard Crème Hydrating Softener

The minute a beard starts to get dry and itchy is when we’re most likely to reach for the trimmer and slice away that crop of facial hair that took so much patience to grow. Stop right there! Grab a tube of Frederick Benjamin’s Beard Crème and give beard love a second chance. Even applied to a dry beard, the conditioner gets right to work, feeling immediately softer and smoother. You’ll feel a difference almost instantly. Work this into your regular routine, spreading through the hair and up to the skin beneath, for long-term great looks and comfort.

Best Barber Shop Experience: Murdock London Redchurch Beard Moisturizer

We expect spit-spot beard care from any barber, but Murdock London offers a range of products that truly brings the British empire right into your bathroom. Besides the elegant navy blue packaging that gets us every time, the product on the inside is also consistently excellent. We’re particularly taken with this Beard Moisturizer that softens up both hair and skin with a powdery, refreshing fragrance that leaves us feeling fresh as a Covent Garden daisy.